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Geology has always been a subject of deep curiosity for me. Specifically the circumstances that form these beautiful rock and gemstone formations. Couple that with a love of metalwork and wire wrapping and I had found an art form I could find passion in. Here are some of my personal favorites so far.

Green Moss Agate "Hamsa" Pendant

One of my personal favorite stones to work with. Moss agate is a form of chalcedony  and stone with raw organic material trapped inside. As it forms, it traps that matter in beautiful suspension, like a forest trapped in glass. 

Yellow Ocean Jasper "Elephant" Pendant

The colors are formed due to the presence of oxygen in the sediment. If there is a lot of oxygen, the iron is oxidized giving the jasper its yellow or red colors. When the iron lays on the seafloor it begins to oxidize forming the rounded bands of color around the quartz deposits. 

Agatized Coral Pendant

As silica in the ocean hardens it triggers a response within the body of coral forming chalcedony, a form of quartz. Technically its a pseudomorph of quartz which has stolen the form of coral over millions of years.

Imperial Jasper "Penguin" Pendant

A beautiful deep pink blend of quartz and chalcedony. I almost thought it was dyed until I read more about Jasper and its many unique patterns and colors.

Aventurine Beaded Pendant

A beautiful pearly form of micro crystalline quartz. I cant tell you how many times I have mistaken this stone for Jade. This piece was one of my favorites from my early work.